Exclusive: @desperatefans at the Wisteria Lane Block Party: Part 1

Apr 23 • by Julie Mayer • No CommentsCast, Causes, Charity

Last year the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation approached me about promoting a new event they had started called the Wisteria Lane Block Party. A charity event held on Colonial Street at the Universal Backlot where all proceeds went to funding Cystic Fibrosis research for a cure. They loved my passion for it and so this year they invited me to go along. I eagerly jumped at a chance to visit a street set that had been a part of my life since I was 12, and my final destination took me to a place to make some amazing memories that will stay with me forever.

I invited my friend and cohort Amelia from Dana-Delany.org and we took off on a whirlwind adventure to Universal Studios. It was such a crazy night and the adrenaline was intense but it was an mind blowing night and something I will never forget. I was able to meet much of the cast, and many of them already knew my name. To put it simply, it was life changing.

I got a few red carpet photos, which you can view below but the most exiting parts (at least for me) are under the cut. I’m writing these out in parts so you’ll have to keep coming back for more!

The first person I met coming off of the carpet was Andrea Bowen, who I also run a site for. She recognized my name instantly and was so sweet and thanked me for all of the hard work I do and she even complimented my hair, which I had bleached and colored specifically for the event. She said, “I had red hair once,” and then we both laughed and she added “But I guess you know that.” Andrea was singing later on, which I unfortunately missed because I was back up at the carpet but I know someone got it on video so I’ll be able to see what I missed. I was able to quickly say goodbye to her before I left and thanked her for everything.

Barb Alyn Woods (One Tree Hill, DH) and her girls Emily and Natalie. Emily plays Young Emily on Revenge and Natalie is on Wizards of Waverly Place, which my sister watches. They were all so sweet and Natalie was really shy. So adorable. Barb and I were able to quickly chat OTH and Revenge and she asked about the Revenge site I help out on, so exciting!

Andrea Parker and I! She’s so sweet and a delight to speak with. We got to quickly chat about social networking and she said she had no idea how to tweet and probably wouldn’t because it wasn’t her thing. So any fakers out there need to clear out! Because I got it straight from the lady herself.

Rachel G. Fox, who I’ve done so much tweeting with these last few years has grown into such a wonderful young woman. While Rachel and Kayla won’t be back for the finale (sadly) we were all excited to see her there supporting her Housewives family and I was so excited to finally get to meet her!

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