8.22 Give Me The Blame / 8.23 Finishing The Hat – Series Finale – HQ Promos

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#DesperateHousewives – TVGuide Finale Preview (The Goodbye Girls) – Scans

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As these last few weeks close in on us I know that I’ve been spending a lot of time looking back at these last 8 years and wondering to myself what I’ll do after we leave this beloved fictional street for the last time, each of us packing our own little Housewives bag filled with joy, new friends and a little bit of mystery. Through thick and thin Wisteria Lane has been our home Sunday night’s and each of us has taken with us new life lessons and outlooks because of our favorite characters and storylines.

We’ve made friends and lost friends, we’ve loved and have been loved in return, we’ve each been a Mary Alice or a Susan and at the end of the day we all find we’ve have One Wonderful Day. So I ask, to you the fans who have been here with me for so long: What are you all taking with you when you leave Wisteria Lane for the last time? What lessons have you learned, what character you’ve loved and what is the biggest thing you will miss about Desperate Housewives when it’s gone?

This is one of the last magazine issues with a large spread for the show and thinking about that spurred this post. It’s emotional. Reading this magazine you feel very sad and it really hits you that it’s the end. So enjoy it because it’s one of the last one’s we’re getting.

Thanks to JoshBowmanFan.com for the scans!

Goodbye Girls. We will miss you.

2nd Annual Wisteria Lane Block Party

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The 2nd Annual Wisteria Lane Block Party was under way Saturday night at Universal Studios and the cast was in full form! Taking the time to walk the carpet AND meet their fans, everyone in attendance was busy. The street was open to fans to visit their favorite Housewives homes and take pictures inside and out. There was a wonderful silent and live auction with some wonderful Housewives goodies and food galore!

All of the proceeds went to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and we very fortunate to attend this year’s party and make a little Wisteria Lane memories of our own. While Tori is still writing up her recap, here are some photos of the cast from the red carpet. Marcia, Eva, Brenda and Dana were unable to attend but the fort was well held down in their absence.

8.21 – The People Will Hear – HQ Stills

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8.20 – Lost My Power – HQ Stills

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